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The Angora Goat is an ancient breed that is not only beautiful to the eye, but as fiber goats, they are valuable to the touch. The soft mohair of these goats is downright money in the bank, so there is no wonder that farmers take good care of them. Meet a beautiful escort Rome and travel together all around UK to see how the Angora Goats are raised here. Feel the soft mohair of these goats and get an Angora sweater as a souvenir!

Visit an Angora Goat farm

Angora Goats are actually bred of domestic goat that originates in ancient times in Asia Minor’s district Angora. These goats have a gorgeous silky coat that yield the mohair of commerce. The Western mohair industry developed only in the 19th century, after the animal was first established in South Africa. Both males and females are horned, but their appealing coat differs from wool primarily in lustre and smoothness. These goats are smaller than other domestic sheep and goats, reason why they are often considered cuter.

If you will visit an Angora Goat farm in the UK accompanied by a ravishing Rome escort you will have a great vacation together. Head to Lake District, to Patterdale by Ullswater and visit Crookabeck Angoras, this amazing farm that is open all year to the public. But check them on the phone first and see if they will have a room available for you and your sweet escort Rome. You will see the fascinating Angora Goats and you will get to touch their silky mohair. You can purchase soft and comfortable socks, mohair fleeces and scarves that will sure be a charming souvenir from your journey.

British Mohair Marketing

Travel to Devon and visit Stephen and Jenny Whitley’s Corrymoor flock at Honiton. They produce fine and kemp-free mohair used to make the famous Corrymoor range of socks. They will tell you how a single goat of two years can give about £40 from fibre sales. They sell on the marketing scheme known as British Mohair Marketing and you can admire the Angora Goats before their coat will be cut.

Be accompanied

Sleep in a caravan in the camping site Holsworthy Devon, at the Devon/North Cornwall borders, where the site at Noteworthy Farm is open all year. Because Noteworthy Farm is home to several Yanchell Angora Goats, you will relax here in a knitting group at the farm and explore the surroundings of this Angora farm. Be accompanied by your charming escort and she will make sure you will not get bored here. You can join courses such as Introduction to Keeping Angora Goats and even learn the techniques of using wool fibers and a needlefelting needle to obtain a picture or a 3D object.

In case you are passionate about Angora Goats you will have a really good time observing them at these farms across UK. Travel by the side of a ravishing escort Rome, try on the mohair fleeces produced with Angora Goats’ coats and purchase some to remember you of this delightful vacation!

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